About Us


Midwest Wings Soccer Club seeks to create a grassroots program with coaches who develop amazingly skillful players who learn to take responsibility in themselves. Our players realize they are the ones who determine their own success. We strive to grow our club as a family where every player is valuable and creates their own amazing history.

OUR Path

Our coaches follow a progression of training that matches a player's age & skill levels.  We take no shortcuts in developing outstanding footwork & skills-building at young ages.  Once those skills are created over some quality years of training as a player matures mentally the skills are in place to begin training on quality tactics and how we will play as a team.

Wings teams grow together and create a fantastic history as they follow this progression.  When they are older (High School and Above) the focus becomes tactical and fitness along with staying healthy, all to compete at the highest levels possible.


Player Progression & Travel

Along with that progression of training comes their progression of travel.  We match our team's age along with experience to how we travel.  While young we look to compete in competitive leagues throughout Illinois & Indiana and travel to tournaments that lineup to these criteria.

Our youth teams travel to Disney to compete, our middle age teams attend tournaments like the USA Cup and Europe, and our older teams are focused on success throughout high school and into College.  With our Rob Withers Scholarship program Wings, players work to attend college ID camps and we work to assist our players into college programs that fit their education goals and to continue their soccer careers.

What Makes Us Different: Our Coaches

Our coaches are on the same page and most grew up as players in the Wings Club.  Having close to 50 years of history we have generations of players who now return to coach.  Their love of the game along with incredible experiences during their time in the club creates a passion and family bond that is unbreakable.  Our coaches' energy and passion is unmatched.  Our coaches spend a lot of time in education and advancement of their education and licensing as well as work together to develop the absolute best players who create their own awesome experiences in the Midwest Wings SC.