Midwest Wings: 2020-2021 Commitment Program

Wings Players for 2020/2021 Season.  Currently, all of our leagues are moving forward with club & team registration and fall / spring commitments.  As a result, we need to create our own registrations to ensure we have all of our players in the system.  At this time (5/5/20) we are ensuring a place for all Wings players to return & currently do not have plans for tryouts – if we host tryouts we will do so in late June or early July if allowed by the State mandates and our parks department.

2020/21 Commitment fee or $130 & registration is due by June 25, 2020.  Please complete your section under boys teams or girls teams and make your deposit.  This will be used to register our Fall teams.  All players need to register & pay the commitment fee, including those who are the 2nd or 3rd player in a family.

Payment plans will be released at a later date once we are fully confident we will return to the competition.  Our normal payment plans run from July-May.  This year we might push that back a month and start with August.  We will work on a credit/discount for the spring once our recovery is determined.  We also will look to add some games and tournaments if the all-clear comes soon enough!

Our payment plan structure will be the same.  Single players to a family will be $165 per month and include all leagues, insurance, town fees, technology fees, evaluations, indoor training & league play, and all involved.  2nd players in a family are discounted.  Only additional tournaments or opportunities will be extra additions.

Once we start our payment plans if the fall or any other season should be adjusted we have the ability to adjust the payment plan.  We prefer to hold our plans until we are 100% confident but need to be prepared.  Once we open the payment plan options you will be asked to upload photos, birth certificates, forms, and establish your plans.


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