High School Fall Program

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The Midwest Wings SC will compete and train in the Indiana Soccer League this fall and welcome players
who have experience their upcoming season canceled. The Wings club is proud to assist players to
prepare for when their High School season will resume. Do not sit and wait – train prepare, market
yourself to college programs and more in the Midwest Wings SC system this fall.
Special Fall Only Season: Player fee includes training, league fees, player card fee,
insurance, and all federation fees This is a two part registration which requires $130 to be paid at the
time of registration followed by the next registration where we collect our forms and a payment plan is
established to pay the balance or make 3 monthly payments at $50 (Sep. Oct. Nov.)
Adidas Uniform Package: $150 The Midwest Wings Soccer club uses soccer.com to order uniforms
directly. Once you are registered with the club you will be set up to be able to order your kit which will
be printed up and shipped directly to your home.
Trace Video: $195 Parents can pay this upfront or set up a 4-month payment plan of $50 for each
payment. (Aug-Nov.) We have a unique system we use to assist players in college recruiting. All our
league and any tournament games are recorded using a high-tech system which records your game in
full. It then sends you and email with all your own personal highlights from the match. You will have a
Trace ID which will allow you to use a spotlight feature on your clip, you can tag each clip in a category
(Good pass, shot, goal, skill move, etc.) and store your clips in your Trace ID. Trace will host recruiting
meetings through zoom which will educate you on the college recruiting process.
Players wear a chip during the game which records their movement, distance, speed, endurance, and
more. You will receive all that information after each game.
Indoor Training after fall: We will offer a discounted position for our High School players to train
through the winter months and compete in our league until their High School season resumes. More
information will come as we monitor the current situations.
Contact Information:
Director – Bill Dekker: 708-805-1605 (soccerutd1@gmail.com)
Club Admin & Coach: Jake Cogan: 708-601-2072 (jakecogan007@gmail.com)
Coach: Jonah NunoSheldon: 708-525-0783 (nunosheldon96@gmail.com)
Coach: Jimmie Williams: 708-217-4982 (jewilliams5@sbcglobal.net)
Coach: Nelson De La Pava: 631-681-7450 (ndelapava18@gmail.com)
Coach: Edgar Villarruel: 773-418-8117 (edgarvillarruel@icloud.com)

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